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Master Post of Music for each Skins episode.
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paintmarks wrote in notelock
I've grown really tired of disjointed posts all over the show with some music of each episode so I've made it my personal mission to collate all music from every episode and create zip files as well as more permanent separate uploads of each episode's music. Any and all help is very much appreciated! Here you can find links to all of those posts and the character the episode focuses on for easier reference! Enjoy!

NB All available music is uploaded. PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU'RE GOING TO DOWNLOAD. Zips are only available for a few (starred posts indicated here do not have a zip file), but if you could download the songs and upload them somewhere like Mediafire or Megaupload, please do so! Leave a comment on the post and I'll add it in.

Thank you!

Season One

01. Tony Stonem
02. Cassie Ainsworth
03. Jal Fazer
04. Chris Miles
05. Sid Jenkins
06. Maxxie Oliver and Anwar Kharral
07. Michelle Richardson
08. Effy Stonem
09. Everyone

Season Two

01. Maxxie Oliver and Tony Stonem*
02. Sketch*
03. Sid Jenkins*
04. Michelle Richardson*
05. Chris Miles*
06. Tony Stonem*
07. Effy Stonem*
08. Jal Fazer*
09. Cassie Ainsworth*
10. Everyone

Season Three

01. Everyone
02. James Cook
03. Thomas Tomone
04. Pandora Moon
05. Freddie Mclair
06. Naomi Campbell
07. JJ Jones
08. Effy Stonem
09. Katie and Emily Fitch
10. Finale

Season Four

01. Thomas Tomone
02. Emily Fitch
03. James Cook
04. Katie Fitch
05. Freddie Mclair
06. JJ Jones
07. Effy Stonem
08. Naomi Campbell

Season Four

01. Franky Fitzgerald
02. Rich Hardbeck
03. Mini McGuinness
04. Liv Malone
05. Nick Levan
06. Alo Creevey
07. Grace Violet Blood
08. Everyone

Misc. Music

Thanks to the following people for providing zip files: imyourally, andrablue, leeanndunton and hateyouuu, subarashiine.

Please comment on respective posts with any questions.

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