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notelock music.
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paintmarks wrote in notelock
this is notelock. here, i will post music & lyrics of interest to me. if you are interested in joining me in posting in this community, please reply in a comment to this post or flick me an email - paintmarks@livejournal.com.

if you're interested in reading & viewing the posts in this community, please join the community.


ps - if you're wondering why your username has been removed from the community or has been rejected, it's probably because your account looks too much like a "community" account. this includes but is not limited to: new accounts (younger than a month), accounts with no entries, accounts with no friends. if you have any questions please send me an email. thanks!

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am i just really dumb? because i've joined the community and been approved but am still not 'authorised to view protected entry'

you sometimes have to log in and log out or rejoin again.

wow speedy reply... thank yooou!

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